Klara simone beate Hahn

As an illustrator and artist i'm primarily 
inspired by fairy-tale like stories & finding 
the curious in everyday life. From a lost 
shoe without soles at the bus stop or 
legends about sea and river people.

My favorite medium of all that i work 
with, are watercolors. They are so 
versatile: giving the illusion of floating 
on paper - shimmering & translucent - 
on the other side deep, rich and bright.  

I am particularly interested in cross-
disciplinaryand participatory projects.

Postcard 2 people under dandilion umbrella. Text: When i'm with you my heart glows like the sun & all heavy thoughts fly away
Illustration about depression. Person in oversized coat, with tired eyes and dark swirls and clouds around their head
aquarell illustrated portrait. blond person, with glasses, radish earings, white-blue striped turtelneck holding a pen
digital illustration in black-yellow-red about animals in the city. beaver buys wood with shoppingcard. flys eat old burger
aquarell fairytale illustrtions. mushroom reading good night stories. adventurer with mouse companion. acorn fairy family.