"Between you and me" is inspired by a childrends game called "Stille Post" - Silent Telephone: one person whispers a sentence to the next person in the group and so the sentence travels from person to person. Till it comes back to the first one, which compares if it stayed the same or changed. In this artist version each artist gets another artists artwork as inspiration and has one month time to interpret their feelings, ideas and emotions that come up while consuming the artwork in their own art style. 

This project wants to highlight the concept of individual perception of art and how those different versions can change and/or form new meanings and create more understanding for the impact of art and the process of creating art itself.

Taking part are:   Han Donau  |  Anouk Ecker  |  Anima Fabrik  |  Andrej Frič  |  Gisela Hahn  |  Klara Hahn  |  Emanuel Jesse  |  Barbora Keherova  |  Michi Lautenschlager  |  Boglárka Lutz  |  Aliza Orlan  |  Mária Ševčíková  |  Tanztheater Annette Vogel |  Tinkar  |  Dominika Vanková |  Ida Zahradnik  |  Andrea Ziegler  |  Lucia Žitnayová

The output will be shown in autume 2022 in an exhibition in Regensburg, Germany.  If you are interested in the project or want the exhibition to come to your museum or city contact me at [email protected].

The project is funded by the culture department of Regensburg as a part of their cultural theme of the year "Zwischentöne" and the Danube Small Project Fund.