I love to share my knowledge and inspire people to create and try out new things
because i'm a firm believer that everyone is an artist. Some just need a bit of
encouragement to have fun with art.

As a volunteer for the youth department of Regensburg and as a course instructor and media consultant for the Medienfachberatung Oberpfalz i conceptualize and organize art, culture
and media workshops for children, teenagers and adults.

All current public workshops are listed here.

Aquarell - Bookbinding - Illustration - Ceramic Sculpting - Comic - Photography - Lettering -
if you are curious let's plan a workshop together or write me with your ideas at

workshop watercolor illustration Klara Hahn
workshop Klara Hahn experimental drawing
group of people at a workshop of Klara Hahn
workshop bookbinding Klara Hahn